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Vamos Tennis Academy has rooted all the way back to 1980, when it was first introduced as ‘Amir Tennis School.’ Back then, it was run by Coach Amir Hamzah with great success. After 3 decades, ‘Amir Tennis School’ was rebranded to ‘Vamos Tennis Academy’ in 2010, continuing its rich tennis heritage by consistently producing quality players, including several National Team Players.

Vamos Tennis Academy provides world class tennis coaching, with coaches certified under the ‘International Tennis Federation’, ‘Professional Tennis Registry’, and ‘Global Professional Tennis Coaches Association.’

Vamos Tennis Academy believes in teaching you the game, not just the technique. We believe that everyone is unique and every player is customized, making it vital for everyone to get their individual attention. In Vamos Tennis Academy, this equates from taking your first swings on a tennis court, to reaching new levels in your game. Your technique will come with the functions you learn, and that is when a Champion is made. You can view our policies here.



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