Privacy Policy

We have put these policies in place to ensure your experience with us is a positive one.


Registration Fees

For newly registered students, there is an option to decide if the coach is suitable for you after the first lesson. The lesson would still be counted as a complete tennis lesson.


Lesson Fees

All payment for lessons are to be completed prior to the first lesson of each month,

through bank transfer, online banking or cheque.

Payment will be made available a week before the start of the following month.


Attire During Lesson

Students will be required to wear proper tennis shoe (non-marking shoes)

during the entire lesson period.

The students’ are required to bring their own tennis racket if you don’t have one, do let us know beforehand so we can provide the racket.  Please inform us if there are any difficulties adhering to this.


“5th Week”

Do take note: there will be no lessons on the 29th to 31st of the month for group tennis lesson.


Days with No Lessons​

There will be no group tennis lessons on the following dates:

  • All Singapore public holidays

  • Chinese New Year Eve

  • Hari Raya Aidilfitri

  • Hari Raya Aidiladha

  • Last week of December (21 Dec for the year 2018)


Private and Group Classes​

A private class is a 1 instructor to 1 student class or a class consisting of siblings only.

Any other combinations are considered group classes.


Class Cancellations

In the event of inclement weather, the instructor reserves the rights to

cancel or postpone the lesson for safety reasons.

Land drills, play & stay set up or theory lessons may be conducted instead depending on the suitability of the environment.


Replacement Classes

Replacement and rescheduling of classes are different for private and group classes.

For private classes

Any cancellation made 24 hours prior to the lesson will be entitled to a replacement class.

Rescheduling of any missed lesson (due to inclement weather/ medical condition)

will be subjected to the instructor’s availability.


For group classes

There will be no refund or replacement for missed classes due to

inclement weather or medical condition.

No extensions will be given for students who are late as lessons will start on time.


 Relief Instructors

VTS reserves the rights to send a relief instructor should your

regular instructor is unavailable.

VTS Internal Assessment

All students will be learning according to the Vamos Tennis syllabus of form, follow, function. They will be prepared for and required to go through assessments

at regular basis throughout the year. This would enable us to place or group the student accordingly based on their skill level.


Acceptance of Terms & Condition

By agreeing to the policy, you will accept any changes that will be updated in the future.

Should you require further clarifications,feel free to contact us.