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Adult Tennis Lesson

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Beginner to Advance Tennis Lessons in Singapore

Looking for tennis lessons from the very beginning to the advance level? Join vamos tennis to discover life long tennis journey with our passionate and enthusiastic team. Allow us to influence and promote active healthier lifestyle. Learn the proper technique and tactics of tennis with our professional certified coaches.


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Certified Professional Coaches

Vamos Tennis provides professional level coaching. We possess a very proud Tennis Coaching Core, rooting all the way back to 1980. Qualified coaches with 4 of them being International Tennis Federation (ITF) and Singapore Tennis Association (STA) certified. Our team is also proud to have developed players that have gone on to represent Singapore on a national stage. 20 over years of proven track record.

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Fun & Patient Coaches

We believe that students maximise their potential when they are having fun. Vamos Tennis coaches are bunch of Fun, Loving and Friendly coaches who enjoys fun and take serious care of the progress of the student at the same time. We believe that tennis is the best sport for everyone to work on their physical abilities and it’s a sport that should also be categorised as a lifeskill sports because it invovles, physical, mental, tactical and technique. Once you start, we promise, you won’t stop.

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Customised Lessons

Form, Follow, Function. These are the 3 F’s that Vamos tennis lives and breathes. The 3 F’s teaches you to play tennis the smart way. Instead of teaching you the technique first, we teach you the 10 functions of tennis, let you play, and then naturally inhibit the techniques throughout your game. Think of us as guidance to your game, not your teachers. The 3 F’s will help you become more independent as a tennis player, and also customise your game as an individual. Everyone is special and different. Vamos Tennis is the only tennis school to adapt this coaching methodology in Singapore

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Being a beginner tennis player, I was pretty impress that I was able to rally in a small court by the end of the first lesson. Coach Syafi’ee makes every lesson very engaging. He is also very knowledgeable and detailed when it comes to the technique. I really appreciate that he reinforces techniques that we learned in the previous lessons to make sure we do not forget or pick up bad habits.

Nadya Lim ,
Director of Bloop Swim


I took up Tennis 6 months ago with Vamos Tennis Coach Mus. I’ve always wanted to learn tennis and was always afraid because I’m not confident that I can do it. Mus is a very patient coach and reassured me that I will be able to do it. And, I can confidently say that right now, I’ve mastered tennis all thanks to him! As a coach, Mus constantly reinforces my basic techniques to ensure that I master them. After every lesson, he will summarize what I will need to strengthen on with consistent feedback. As a coach, he gives a lot of encouragements and tips. Now, he has become a dear friend to me, who will not only coach me in Tennis but also in life too. Thanks you Vamos Tennis & Mus!

Priscilla Lam ,
Senior Digital Learning Specialist


Max proves to be a very qualified coach with high level of professionalism. Not to mention he is also a wonderful coach whereby he has a flair with kids. His training has helped me strengthen my basics and improved my footwork. What makes him unique is that he provides coaching lessons tailored to each individual. He is also capable of identifying my weaknesses and helping to overcome them. This as such provides a focus point for him to work on, making each training session as effective as possible. At every end of session, he will conduct pep talk sessions to help us understand our playing style which inspire us to train harder. With his proper guidance and encouragement, i see great improvement in not only my skills but also the level of  playing confidence in tennis  

Afiq Zulhilmi ,


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