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Tennis lessons in Singapore with your colleagues

Healthier lifestyle and team bonding with your colleague

Missing a healthier lifestyle at work? Too stressed and no time for your colleagues out of work? Engage us and we’ll bring the best out of you again.

What you will learn

Tennis Related team building sessions, introduction to basic techniques and introduction to match plays.


Work Life Balance

Here at Vamos Tennis, we recommend a positive work-life balance, helping build a more relaxed frame of mind. We firmly believe that our tennis sessions will make you feel fitter, healthier, and more fresher. We also believe that the interactions you will encounter will make you love tennis.


Drop that Ego

This is a great way of getting to know everyone in the team. On the court, there will be no hierarchy, meaning that everyone will get to know everyone on a personal basis, as oppose to work-related basis. For employees, this is also a great opportunity to whoop your bosses butt (we’re hoping the bosses aren’t the ones reading this).

Frequently asked questions

We have, many times! And to much avail! We’ve done a whole range of groups from Police offices, to bird tenders to University lecturers!