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private tennis lessons

Tennis lessons in Singapore with one of our professional level coaches

Doubting your strokes?

Private tennis lesson is the best way for you to explore your game in depth. You will find that in private tennis lessons, you won’t just learn how to better your strokes, but additionally, gain a much deeper knowledge into the game. Here, we will explore your game, and take step-by-step movements in enhancing your game to the next level.


One-on-one coaching

Private tennis coaching allows you to have better understanding of your tennis game. We all have gone through the same stages where we don’t understand i.e; why our balls might be flying off the court; why are our balls are too slow. At Vamos Tennis we aim to improve your game by exploring the type of player you are. Our approach is to not instruct you, but to guide you so that you can find yourself on the court; the objective is to supplement that path for you; All the way from your strokes, your footwork, and finally, your mental toughness; Focused and structured.


Professional structured tennis lesson

Private tennis lessons will help you improve your game. Who says there’s only one way of; holding a tennis racket? ; Hitting a backhand? ; Playing a drop shot? ; In tennis, there are countless ways of performing each elements. This goes hand-in-hand with what believe in. Remember, we don’t control your body, nor do we know how you perform best and most comfortably on a tennis court. We simply guide to reach your potential and perform better, with our expertise and knowledge for the game.

Frequently asked questions

Anywhere in Singapore, provided there is a Tennis court we can use.

Typically, a lesson runs between 1-2 hours.

We have, many times! And to much avail! We’ve done a whole range of groups from Police offices, to bird tenders to University lecturers!

Any tennis courts you can get access to.

More comprehensive training, meaning that finer details will be tuned, equating to faster improvement in your game.

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