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Tennis lessons in Singapore in the most engaging and sociable group tennis lessons

Get yourself into good tennis shape with good vibes

Group tennis lessons is a fun way to play the game, regardless of the stage of your journey you’re at. You’ll meet new people whom many will become friends. These new friends will become your tennis buddies, and will then become part of your tennis journey, and open up a whole variety of options that can be explored, such as doubles tournaments, team competitions and much more! It all starts with a good bunch of people.


Only Good Vibes

We have players ranging from absolute beginners to professional players. When you first join our class, we will observe your level and ensure that you are placed in the right group so that you can start or continue your tennis journey in the best possible way! Don’t feel intimidated if you feel like you can’t play tennis at all. Our coaches and community is here to help you along your tennis journey.


What kind of group lessons are there?

There are the beginner, intermediate and advance group tennis lessons. we have a couple of different locations, so get in touch with us so that we can advise you further.

Frequently asked questions

Do enquire us for find more information

Do enquire us for find more information

Any tennis courts you can get access to.

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