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One of the only tennis clubs that provides toddler Tennis lessons in Singapore

Kids will be kids.

Toddler tennis lessons aims to get your smallest and youngest one to kick off their journey in tennis and the world of sports. We take pride in our toddler tennis classes because we love them like you do. Taking them out of the home and entering the tennis court would be your job. But when they are in the court, leave the rest to us.


Why start now, when they cant even walk?

We believe that sports are a good development tool for kids. In saying that, we will not focus purely on tennis at our Vamos Tennis Toddler Classes rather, our main objective is to help develop motor skills. A familiar one would be hand and eye coordination. From throwing, catching, rolling, bouncing and many more basic skills that will allow your kid to explore different parts of their motor skills.


We want you to be part of their journey.

In Vamos tennis toddler classes, we believe in educating parents. We will coach you to get involved with their development! On top of it all, you can continue your tennis journey with them at home, creating a bonding experience. Remember, its just not about tennis, but rather the development of one child’s attributes.

Frequently asked questions

– Any tennis court you can get access to.


– Any empty spaces, where we can bring our equipment’s (i.e we’ve worked on Badminton Courts and Carparks before).

Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination. We will run through tennis related exercises to develop these attributes. The objective is to get them to display these skills implicitly when finding answers for themselves.

2-6 years old.

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