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Competitive Junior Tennis


Competitive Junior Tennis

Vamos Tennis is the leading competitive junior tennis academies in Singapore, dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each of our students. Our Full-Time Program or Part-Time Program provides players with the ideal environment to improve their tennis skills under professional coaching while also gaining an exceptional education. Top national and international players train at Vamos Tennis Academy. Our players includes junior national team players representing Singapore in the World Junior Davis Cup and Fed Cup. We are very happy of the results produced every year from our Competitive Junior Players. Everyone comes with one goal becoming the best tennis players they can be if not the best person they can be.

Character Development Program

In Vamos Tennis we educate players to be good on and of court. We allow our players to grow as an individual. All aspects of our training can be related to how you can develop yourslef as a person. We strive to develop student-athletes who will be leaders and role models in their communities. Community service, leadership development, and life management skills are critical elements to our curriculum. By ingraining accountability and a strong moral compass in our players with our Character Development Program, we help prepare them to take on life challenges as they finish up their training at Vamos.


Winning mentality

When you train with Vamos Tennis, we teach, we coach , we listen. We need to accept losses to be able to win. Winning is great but the secret is learning how to behave like a winner when you lose. We can only know our weaknesses through losses that we experienced. Winning and losing is a part of life that we all have to go through in our daily life



In vamos tennis we provide statistic which will help players acknowledge their ability. It is not about us, it is about the player. Self-Analysis, Coaches-Analysis and also parents education. We only know how much better we can be through recording. For e.g. If you can hit a maximum serve speed of 100km/h before joining us, we will note the speed down. After the session with us, through technical correction we are able to push it to 120km/h. That gives the players a firm assurance of what he or she can do with our guidance. We believe in creating Task and Objective for you to achieve.

Frequently asked questions

We can hit on any Tennis Courts in Singapore that is accessible for us.

Depending on your preference, a session usually lasts between 1-2 hours.