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beginner tennis lessons

Tennis lessons in Singapore with coaches who will teach you how to play and understand the game

Vamos Tennis

We believe that no one should be taught the same; we look at the abilities you instinctively show at the start and then help you determine the type of player you will become. When you start with us, don’t expect to start with learning techniques as it will restrict the type of player you can mold into. Instead, we will encourage you to play the game right from the start. Expect to be able to serve, volley and rally after your first lesson!


Pace learning

Different players take in learning at different paces. Our coaches are trained to provide the right amount of attention to the various players to determine that everyone gets the suitable outcome.



Eventually, tennis lessons can become restrictive; you feel like you’ll learn more in match play. Here at Vamos Tennis we provide different platforms to ensure that your game will not become restricted. We host social groups and encourage our players to join other tennis platforms such as Singapore Tennis Association (STA) tournaments and competitions, and meet other players on the ROVO app.

Frequently asked questions

Typically, a lesson can, but is not limited to an hour.

Please view our policies here.

In the beginners tennis lessons, we will teach you how to play tennis before teaching you techniques to enhance the game, once you have gotten the gist of playing tennis. Expect to confidently serve, rally and volley after only a handful of lessons.