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Tennis lessons in Singapore with your family

Fun with Rackets and not Gadgets

Family tennis lessons is a fantastic way to get together. With so much going on during daily lives, it can be easy sometimes to neglect family. Tennis can be full of laughter and can be the perfect bonding tool. Seeing different generations all on the same court smiling is truly beautiful, both to witness and experience.


Structured for the family

We’ve designed structured programs that allows all ages and levels to participate together at one time. Our programs will be suited for everyone of your family member, even if you were to show up with your toddler.


Why do it Together?

It allows you to bond together during an experience filled with positive energy. Sometimes we get tensed up with the people closes to our lives; this experience will loosen up all tension and serve as a reminder as to what matters the most.

Frequently asked questions

Any tennis courts you can get access to.

When it comes to family, we emphasize on fun. So there will be a lot of fun, engaging activities. Our main objective though, is that both the parents and kids will go against each other in a tennis match. So, it won’t all be fun and games, just an emphasis.