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OFFICIAL: What a year it has been for Vamos Academy with Eduardo Torres joining the team. We are delighted and thrilled to have him on board with us. Eduardo Torres brings a unique approach to the coaching methods and with over 31 years of playing and world class coaching experience. Prior to that he has coached WTA and ATP players on the tour for 13 years.

Born in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, he started tennis at the age of 5, his patience, ethical foundation, meticulous work and depth of knowledge about every aspect of tennis development has produced champions at all levels, including juniors and professional players. One of the corner stones of Eduardo Torres training style is to place high emphasis on physical preparation. Roughly half of the training session is devoted to improve strength, speed, stamina, coordination and flexibility.

He has coached over 600 adults and junior players from beginner level to international ranked level players. He has a vast experience organizing programs, tournaments, and social events.  Eduardo has a high-energy teaching style that motivate students to work hard and produce great results. He utilize modern coaching methods to improve players to enable them to compete in a short period of time.

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