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Tennis Coach in Singapore

Tennis Coach in Singapore
The option for Tennis Coaches in Singapore is spread across in a mess. In other words, becoming or finding a credible Tennis coach in Singapore can be tough. To be recognized as an eligible tennis coach in Singapore, you will have to go through an extensive 1-month course, after which if you pass, you will have to do 72 hours of tennis coaching commitment with the Singapore Tennis Association. Singapore Tennis Association is the main tennis body in Singapore which can allow you to be certified under the International tennis federation teachings and guidance. It’s a grueling course that tests every coach’s ability.
There are many types of tennis coaches in Singapore and around the world. The pioneering platform for coaches’ education is the International Tennis Federation.
The Code forms part of the ITF Coach Education Programme and is included in all ITF Coaches Courses including Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 coaches courses. National Associations are also encouraged to use the Code in their coaching education program and to ensure that coaches at all levels of the game sign up. ITF only supports the National Association now, and no longer gives the certificate directly.
We have to agree that getting the certificate was actually a hard time for our coaches but we are proud to have 4 certified coaches with ITF and The Singapore Tennis Association.
We do encourage coaches to go to the ITF-guided courses because of their detailed coaching programs. Some tennis coaches in Singapore do not even have any certification, so be sure to ask them for one if you need to know. Tennis Coaching in Singapore also has many other accreditations with famous teaching bodies like Professional Tennis Registry. Although in Singapore, the ITF certificate or the NROC would enable you to coach, schools and government-registered companies. It shows that the trust given to ITF or NROC coaches are well respected in Singapore.
The GPTCA tennis coaches in Singapore are also a platform for coaches. It gives you an ATP-recognized coaching certification with grades starting at C, B, and then A. We are proud to have a B-grade tennis coach on our Team.
All our tennis coaches holding on to the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) certificate have the highest qualification with the recognition of ‘professional’ Coaches who have the certification has gone through a 3 days course before going through the exams. All the tennis coach in Singapore who holds a PTR certification has 3 levels of certification, the highest being Professional then Instructor then Associate Instructor. Be sure to ask or know before engaging them.
In Vamos Tennis, we follow the standard set by The International Tennis Federation due to its Recognition in the tennis coaching industry. We even have a Tennis Coaching Educator on board, Coach Syafiee who runs courses for coaches to get their certification. It’s an exceptional responsibility to be a tennis coach only if you know the process of being one. So we recommend that you choose the right one before setting off on your tennis journey!

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