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form, follow, function

Learn to play tennis the SMART way with Vamos Tennis . What is SMART? Specific, Measurebale, Agreed, Realistic and Time phased. Lets go through some of our teaching method to get you through learning tennis with us the SMART way with the Form, Follow, Functions.

Vamos Tennis is the only tennis school which adapts this teaching in Singapore. Led by Head Coach Syafiee, Coach Mentor, Amir and Professional Coach from Holland, Frank Van Frayenhooven. Coach Amir has been adapting this way of teaching. Coach Frank, the coach educator for Form, Follow, Function, travels around the world to spread the movement to different tennis coaches, with many countries in Europe already adapting this methodology of training.

To expand; Vamos Tennis does not believe that by learning technique first, will develop your game faster. We believe in approaching tennis differently, by giving you task and objective. Meaning we teach you the very basics of how to play tennis first (tactics). To achieve the task, you will need to figure out the technique yourself (self-discovery), and the end product is, you will get your technique naturally (Form).

In following this approach, we encourage our students to be able to rally from the very first lesson, creating more fun, motivation, and greater efficiency. This also promotes our students to learn how to identify different situations in tennis more quickly, and adapt more tactics earlier on. Once we feel that our students have a good understanding of the game, we will then step in and introduce some techniques to enhance their game. We play the game first, because Tennis is easy and fun. We encourage to learn tennis the SMART way.

Lets go through an example of Form, Follow, Function – You can also practice this outside of the court (i.e your room – with just your hand as the racket and a ball).

Task 1 – Hit the ball up in the air – You’ll find yourself hitting the ball under.

Task 2 – Hit the ball to the ground – You’ll find yourself hitting the top of the ball.

Task 3 – Hit the ball to the left or the right – You’ll find yourself hitting the ball on either side.

Task 4 – Hit forward, towards the net – You’ll find yourself hitting the backside of the ball.

Task 5 – Hit forward and up – A Combination of ‘Task 1’ and ‘Task 4’.

Task 6 – Hit forward and up to a specific direction – A Combination of ‘Task 1’, ‘Task 3’, and ‘Task 4’.