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Pasir Ris Tennis Centre is a public tennis centre managed by Sport Singapore.

Pasir Ris Sports Centre, formerly known as Paris Ris Sports and Recreation Centre, Sport Singapore’s newest addition to its family of sports centres, features a comprehensive range of sports facilities with a diverse retail mix to provide an all rounded experience for guests.

Pasir Ris Sports Centre has also been awarded BCA 1000th Green Mark award – Gold Plus is designed with environmentally friendly and energy-saving features such as a rainwater-harvesting system to irrigate surrounding plants, vertical ‘green’ walls and landscaping to reduce ambient heat gained, and photo-voltaic cells for energy generation.


Pasir Ris Tennis Centre is well connected to many different activity places in singapore which includes the pasir ris park, wild wild wet and down town east. You can’t get many exciting facilities near anywhere else in singapore. Its great for food, activity and also some nature for you to look at.

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